Monday, September 24, 2007

A moment encapsulated.............

A tear filled eye looks lovingly at the one thing it holds dear to itself...
No words yet spoken,
His eyes gaze back.....
The moment stands tall..yet to be over...
consuming all that is bieng felt cannot be reproduced in a thousand words....
even if they did....failure looms large......
the "moment" yawning,
the silence is cut by the steady rhythm of the sob...
Seems like an eternity.....
yet eccentricity ends it in minutes...
The moment in itself is the very personification of all they mean to each other...
Every action suggestive of something newer...
Feelings spawning every milisecond...
The brain is overworked,Feeling every feeling....
and then finally the end.....


What is sadness ?
what is that we feel,that makes ur weep ?
makes us do something beyond our control ???
makes us realise the value of everything....
Why is it that we shed tears ?

The person in the above lines is just as overwhelmed as probably you would be when your loved one is leaving,

He's feeling the same amalgamation of feelings you would feel when you lost someone dear,

The Mind recollects every moment ,every gesture , every lil thing it can to add to the feeling,

The feeling thus richer now wants its way out,

The eye obliges,

The person cries......

Sadness is something a person or thing stands for...

Imagine If someone were to lose a loved one,why wud sadness be the first thing that hits them?

when we come in this world,we are alone, we are helpless..but we are helped by certain people,who take care of us,do everything in thier power to make us a better human bieng,change our fate..makes ur able of doing something,of bieng of some worth...

if we were to lose such people it wud mean losing out on that very feeling of a halo above an angel,

Nobody wants to feel that way,

It is a silent thank you for everything they had done,which always cannot be put down in words,

it is the only thing left to do after theyve passed away,

Sadness plainly stands for what people mean to us,

If some random person was to die,whom we didnt come across,
wud we have felt the same cocktail of emotions we did ?


we wudnt have,

the reason is simple,because he didnt mean anything to us,he and me didnt cross our paths and we never got the time to show each other what good individuals we are,

thats why !

Sadness grips someone fervently because the person means a lot to them,

the meanning of a person in life actually dictates the amount of sadness there were to be if he were to leave for his heavenly abode,
There no fixed explanation to this very feeling,

Tis something which i keep feeling,tis something which i can see when a Lover's heart breaks,

But if we were to go according to this "thoery"

we wudnt have felt sad abt the beggars out there ?

why do we feel sad abt that ??

That sadness is another form of feeling cross abt what these human biengs cud have been,
thier contribution could have been valuable,they just could have a better life,

Because we see ourselves enjoying certain somethings we believe we cant do without,and then looking at them and seeing them sans everything just gives us the jitters.

It wudnt be a tad too wrong to say that we feel bad when we look at beggars because we dont want us to be in thier shoes,thass why we would feel sad,

That they have to brave the heat fr a couple of bucks,

and while we shoo them away from behind the glass enjoying the conditioned air,

Sadness is the emptiness that egulfs us with the memories of the very existence of the human bieng who meant a lot to us,

it makes us realise that we no longer have the very human bieng in our life,

His influence on our life cud have been great,

But his demise has put an end to it,

Like a bullet putting an end to all the bad things,The sudden lull and the silence surrounding it acting sarcastic like nothing happened,playing dead !

But i would say that rather than to feel sad abt a certain thing or person,
we'd better recollect the good memories and what the person stood for,
the finer qualities,the very essence of what made him a ditinct indentity from the millions walking the earth,

Atleast we should smile,For we had that very person in our life,infuencing our existence,

we spent the time we can never gain back together...

we should face life as it comes,take it with a pinch of salt,

For everyones born to die one day,

Matter changes forms,

nobody can live forever,

for the end shall come,thus we shud be happy that we are still alive while he's probably having an informal talk with god...

The end has to absorb us,then let it be as smoothly and silently as it cud ever be,

Life is a journey,the end shall come,no one can avert it,so we shud take it in the correct spirit,Enjoy the things it has to offer,

and remind oursleves what great a person that someone was who's sudddenly fell silent,Lets hope we shud neevr encounter such a thing but that wud be jus like bieng extremely optimistic,

Sadness Like every other emotion is there for a reason,if we'v lost one important person,make sure to keep the others close before it'ss too late.....

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