Sunday, May 26, 2013


"The left side of the brain is dominant in the following kinds of skills: Words, numbers, lines, logic, analysis. The right side tends to be dominant in rhythm, color, spatial awareness, imagery, in day dreaming.

And you must know, that for example, creativity is not as nearly everyone in the world thinks. But creativity, involves logic, it involves analysis, it involves words, songs. So the conclusion is that both sides of the brain, of the cortex, need to be used in harmony of each other. Then, you get an explosion of creativity!"

Tune into this!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


The cold drains into a cloud. In union, on my doorstep,
Nestling me in its lap, the thick blanket stands proud.

Right from where I stand, I look out till the end of land.
Fetched from the horizon, the sonata rings grand.

Amidst the mountains and on the side of a hill,
there’s a void in my heart that only this moment can fill.

Wood crackles in the fire, wine waiting to be poured.
It’s this gentle seduction that has me drawn. Lured.

The fog has descended, the land has drowned.
The gentle clouds have flooded in, to surround.

 Trees fade into the distance, the cold is melting.
The smoke from my cigarette, this moment I cling.

Pouring out all around, I wish to never be found.

Spinning out in circles, into this place I call my own.
Feet upon the table, my lips carry a gentle moan.

The smoke inhales the cigarette, the glass drinks itself dry.
The gentle fire wood stokes the flame. The wine feels high.    

There’s cream in the air, drifting about.
Wafting into the atmosphere, logic scratches out.

Words melt.

Thoughts form an ocean.
In reverie, zero motion.

Fractal & found,
thoughts surround.

Dive into the ocean, enter absolution.
Pardon their behavior, complete the equation.

The grand conjuration lost its trail.
Time loses sense, senses fall frail.

Drifting into a dream, the night wears on.